Gillian Murphy

Born in Dublin, Ireland in 1964 Gillian is an artist and graphic designer. Gillian’s move to Brussels in 2006 allowed her the opportunity to fulfill a long held ambition to being painting, Gillian’s early work, which focuses mainly on still life uncovers the profound beauty in simple everyday objects and is inspired by sculptural form, the play of light and the subtle nuances of colour. Now based in Ireland again Gillian’s current work is a mixture of abstract and semi abstract compositions. It is strongly influenced by the Irish landscape, the fickleness of the Irish weather and the mercurial moods of the sea and encompasses an ethereal combination of colour and texture. Gillian paints in both acrylic and oils where a combination of pallet knife and brush work result in loose bold style with a richness of texture.

Gillian is a founding member of the GreenWall Irish Art Collective.

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